About Us

Join the crab with knife army and be eligible to receive the soon-to-be-launched, crab with knife community-based meme coin token, $CLAW.

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Our Story

Our story starts with a crow with a knife who had learned more than 100 words and 50 sentences, who inspired a crab with a knife to try and try and learn some words and sentences, unfortunately, the crab could not learn any words or sentences like the crow, so the crab decided to create a club for other crabs with knives set on one goal, to conquer the world of NFTs, Meme Coins and Web 3 Gaming

Chronos Chain

We honor the OG NFT and Meme coin token project on Cronos-chain, so first buyers of the 'crab with knife' NFT will receive a complimentary airdrop of $CAW token as a thank you, to the 'crow with knife' team and their community for helping to path the way for the crab with knife army on cronos chain.


Q3 2024

  • Launch Crab With Knife Club NFT Collection
  • Create $CLAW smart contract on Cronos chain
  • Q4 2024

  • Decentralized Voting System DAO
  • Launch Crab with knife meme coin, $CLAW on Cronos chain.
  • Airdrop $CLAW and $CAW to NFT Holders
  • Q1 2025

  • Exclusive Merch & Collectables for NFT holders
  • Start development of Crab With Knife mobile game
  • Exchange listing and coin gecko listing
  • Bridge to Solana, Base, Polygon and Avalanche
  • Q2 2025

  • Ocean Clean Up Fundraiser donation
  • Team

    Meet the crabs behind the Crab with Knife NFT

    King Crab

    CEO and Founder

    Spider Crab

    Crab with legs banging keyboard coding UI

    Hermit Crab

    NFT Artist